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Corporate Income Tax return -Every incorporated business in Canada needs to file Income Tax return with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).The deadline to file is 6 months after the year end. For majority of the businesses the tax year end in December 31.So in this case the deadline to file the return is June 30 of the following year. Failing to file the return on time can result in significant penalties.
Personal Income Tax return -Income tax returns for Individuals and Self employed should be filed correctly the first time. If not filed properly there are number of tax credits and saving that might be missed out. The deadline to file for individuals is April 30 and for Self employed is June 15 of the following year
Incorporation and Set up of Business -Every business or work venture that needs to be considered as a Company or a Corporation needs to be Incorporated at both the Federal level and Provincial level. We help businesses to apply for Incorporation. The benefit of Incorporating a company is that the personal assets or belongings of the owner cannot be held liable in case of bankruptcy. We also help the new businesses in their set up such as billing and receivable help
HST,GST,QST and WSIB remittance -The business that collects or pays taxes on services and goods in Canada needs to file Commodity tax return with the government. Failure to file may result in significant interest and penalties. We assist businesses in filing of these returns. For example for most of the businesses registered in Ontario the HST i.e. Harmonised Sales Tax return needs to be filed either monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the reporting period assigned by Canada Revenue Agency. Similarly we file the other remittance such as QST and WSIBITE
Financial and Business Plan -Financial and Business Plan provides the direction of the business and it growth for the future years. This helps in understanding the growth of business.A proper business plan is needed for every business to succeed.
Cash flow and Budget Preparation -Cash flow helps a business in managing the availability of cash and Budget helps in assessing the future direction which refers to the expenses and revenue in the coming year/years
Preparation of Payroll for Business Payroll refers to the payment of salaries and/or wages to employees. Every business that pays these have to remit the deductions such as Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance to Canada Revenue Agency. We help businesses in providing the correct amounts for these deductions. We also train the business in preparing the payroll cheques for the employees
Assistance in Preparation of Balance Sheet and Income Statement -Balance sheet shows the financial condition of businesses i.e. the Assets (i.e. Cash, Bank Balance, Building etc),Liabilities (Accounts payable, Government dues) and Equity (Owners contribution) for businesses.
Income statement shows the profit or loss for the business for one year. This helps in effective budget preparation for future which essentially means projecting the future expenses and income based on the current results and future information and assumptions. It also helps in understanding the expenses and revenue incurred.
Assistance in CRA Audits -If you have been under audit by the CRA,we help in replying to the audit by compiling the documents and information that is needed under this audit. The reply for audit can be complicated and it should be dealt with proper direction and knowledge that we have. So trust us in providing this service
Assistance to new immigrants -There is a lot of information that a new immigrant in Canada needs to know. We help in providing this information through the knowledge and experience gained over the years. This includes assistance in filing the grants available from the government for example Applying for Child Tax Benefit. We also provide direction in finding the jobs
Computerised bookkeeping -We have expertise in providing the computerised bookkeeping services for businesses to keep their records up to date which helps in assessing the current and future direction of growth and opportunities.
Tax Planning and Advice for Individuals and Businesses -Both Corporation and businesses need effective tax planning techniques and advice which can provide direction for them in future to allocate their hard earned money to proper use
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