About Us
Accounts4u.ca is an effort by M. Abhishek Dua and Mr. Ashu Ohri to provide you services about the Accounting, Insurance, Investments and Advisory Services across the country. We provide service like, preparation of financial statements including the balance sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow statement, Bookkeeping, Income Tax Return Filling and Tax Saving Tips and back office accounting by latest technology and certified by Certified General Accountant (CGA). Apart with english laguage they can speak Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu too.

Even as focused on your core business, financial record accounting can easily become overwhelming. Out of date or poorly prepared records can actually hold back your business. We are here to solve this problem by offering high quality services for all type of businesses at reasonably priced. Professionally prepared Accounting, Bookkeeping and Balance Sheet records gives you powerful information tools that enable you to better manage your business. Accounts4u.ca, we developed team work, through a dedicated and disciplined approach to be the most professional, client-oriented and consulting services firm in Mississauga, Canada. Our approach towards our client is different and we rely on a team of world-class professionals who have been actively involved in our success over the years. We are proud of our team and invite you to communicate with one of our professionals to discuss your topic of choice or to find out about our services.
6800 Kitimat Road, Unit-3, Mississauga, ON, L5N 5M1. Toll Free : 1.877.893.3059 - Click here for direction
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